Island Good – Oasis Article Fall 2021

Source: Oasis Magazine | Fall 2021| page 26 As Relationship & Business Development  Manager for Island Good, Suzanne Hedges is both their representative and most enthusiastic champion. Launched in 2018, Island Good is a non-government, grassroots campaign that,  through branding, helps consumers easily find and buy goods that are made,… Read more

Island Good – Recipes for Success

ECONOMIC SUMMIT PRESENTS… Island Good – Recipes for Sucess Buying local products has never been more important… COVID 19 has moved the dial on supporting local products from ‘nice idea’ to ‘essential for our security’. Supply chain disruption and concerns about product quality and reliability of imported products has shown… Read more

Heat, drought and pandemic to blame for rise in food prices: expert

Source: CHEK News, September 7, 2021 UPDATED If you’ve been to the grocery story lately, you may have experienced sticker shock. Food prices are high, and experts warn they’ll continue to climb this fall because of several factors — starting with the pandemic. “Supply chain disruptions have actually impacted the efficiency of… Read more