What is Island Good?
Island Good is a place brand to help shoppers easily identify local products (Vancouver Island & Gulf Islands). Look for the Island Good logo on products and in stores across Vancouver Island.
It started with food and beverage.

Food and beverage products represented an easily understood starting point for Island Good branding. Advocating for a point of sale pilot project to promote Island made products already carried in the stores of major grocery retailers was an effective way to enlist support from major retail partners to help prove the value of the brand. The Island Good brand is now available for any Vancouver Island product from potatoes to airplane parts. Islanders love their Island and the quality products it offers. It’s ‘Island Good’.

A trusted brand.

Foodies, consumers, retailers, grocers, importers and investors across the Island and BC, throughout Canada and around the world will see products and product packaging marked ‘Island Good’ as a trusted brand. This enhances the profile of Vancouver Island as a great travel experience, followed by seeing the Island as a place to safely invest, nurture innovation and grow business. That growth means export trade expansion to short and long-distance markets and better balance, diversity and resilience within our Island economy.

Island Good is trademarked and licensed by the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance, a non-government, non-profit, regional economic development organization serving all of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands with a single mandate to help ensure a vital and sustainable Island economy. In addition to Island Good, VIEA produces an annual Economic Summit, an annual Economic Report, is responsible for Foreign Trade Zone Vancouver Island, and pursues numerous priority initiatives with broad appeal and benefit.

We think this is good. ‘Island Good’.
How about you?
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Have your products promoted through the Island Good brand by joining the island good licensee program.

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