How Island Good Started
Island Good is a place brand to help shoppers identify local products (Vancouver Island & Gulf islands). Look for the Island Good logo on products and in stores across Vancouver Island.

That challenge was undertaken by the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (VIEA). It all started in 2013 when VIEA decided to serve only foods that are Island Good at a luncheon it was hosting. A board member was given a budget and tasked with purchasing foods for the event. What seemed like a simple enough task, turned into a scavenger hunt as the VIEA shopper combed the shelves and display cases of local grocery stores for Island food products. The products could be found on grocery shelves, but a great deal of diligence and label reading was required to source those goods.

In 2014, when VIEA was producing the first annual ‘State of the Island’ Economic Report released in 2015, one statistic stood out—that the profile of the Canadian economy was 70% services and 30% goods while the Island economy was 80% services and 20% goods. Knowing that Vancouver Island has a strong international reputation as a great place to visit and wonderful retirement destination, VIEA identified that a place brand for could be used to raise local and international consumer awareness of Island products. Concepts for a ‘Made on Vancouver Island’ brand were tested with delegates at VIEA’s annual Economic Summit in 2016 and 2017. And in 2018, VIEA launched the 6-month pilot project in 45 grocery stores, with retail partners Country Grocer, 49th Parallel Grocery, Quality Foods, and Thrifty Foods, that achieved an average sales lift of 16.4%. Fundamentally, Island Good was created to increase awareness, demand and sales for Island products which we believe leads to increased production, employment and investment on the goods side of the economic equation on Vancouver island.

Island Good launched in March 2018.

Vancouver Islanders believe in local, want to shop local, source local, and eat locally sourced food. It started with local Vancouver Island food products displayed with the Island Good brand on grocery shelves. Now all Vancouver Island products are easier to identify by looking for the colourful Island Good messaging. As Islanders make more Island Good choices in their shopping, we think increased demand will lead to increased production, more jobs and more production capacity as shopping dollars stay on Vancouver Island to support Island producers and retailers.

Look for the Island Good tags on products and in retail stores. Enjoy local food and support our local economy. We’ll all be good. Island Good!

What The Island Good Pilot Taught Us
  • Islanders are predisposed to shop local. Island Good makes it easier for consumers to find and purchase Island Products;
  • Tourists seek to try local products. Island Good makes it easy for them to find and purchase Island products;
  • Consumers demonstrate loyalty to those producing or carrying Island products helping lead to repeat sales;
  • Island Good has proven to increase consumer engagement with retailers and has shown improved response to in-store product demonstrations when consumers can see that the products are Island Good;
  • Island Good is ‘feel good’ and consumers respond positively because it’s all about comfort—knowing the local sources, and satisfaction—supporting local producers. And since VIEA’s sole objective is to help grow market share for Island businesses—It’s all good!

2018 Pilot Project Partners

Our ultimate goal is to have every product from potatoes to airplane parts marked as Island Good.

And, we had to start somewhere… Food products seemed like an easy starting place and advocating for a point of sale pilot project to promote Island made products already carried in the stores of major grocery retailers seemed like the easiest starting point within the food product category. Thus, ‘Island Good’.

  • Vancouver Island Economic Alliance
  • Country Grocer
  • Quality Foods
  • Thrifty Foods
  • 49th Parallel Grocery
  • Island Coastal Economic Trust
  • HotHouse Marketing
  • Spark Strategic Group
  • BC Salmon Farmers Association
  • Vancouver Island Farm Products Inc.
  • B&C Foods
  • Paradise Island Foods
  • Portofino European Bakery
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Island Good makes it easy for you to find local products. Find a local retailer near you!

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