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The Island Good brand is now available to be used by licensees at point of sale. The 2018 Island Good pilot project achieved an average sales lift of 16.4% for Island Good branded products. And in 2019 sales were up 17.5% for the same period the previous year, and in 2020 the sales increase was 37%.  It seems there’s nowhere to go but up!

Island-based (included Gulf Islands) producers, processors, distributors and retailers are welcome to complete and submit the license application and licensing agreement available at islandgood.ca along with the appropriate annual fee (scaled to the size of your business). Once approved, licensees have full use of the Island Good logo to help raise consumer awareness and increase sales. The Island Good brand may be used in product packaging and on all promotional and advertising materials (signage, websites, social media, etc.)

Island Good Licensing Benefits:
  • 75% of license revenues directly support Island Good initiatives. The other 25% supports our administrative costs
  • Island Good is proven effective at point of sale, increasing exposure and sales for island products. Licensed businesses have full use of Island Good logos for product packaging, signage, promotional material, menus, and events
  • The Island Good website (islandgood.ca) provides searchable licensee profiles to help consumers locate Island Good products and businesses
  • Benefit from regular @IslandGoodbrand social media promotions to further expand their reach
  • Take advantage of opportunities to participate in regular Island Good markets and events, including the annual Island Good Days each June
  • Get access to co-op advertising and other unique promotional opportunities
  • Have the chance to feature your products as part of the Island Good menus at VIEA’s annual State of the Island Economic Summit, attended by hundreds of leaders from all over the world
  • Build your business network and take advantage of the robust Island Good community. Becoming Island Good makes it easier to connect with other Island Good partners and Island Good organizations
  • Island Good has strong consumer awareness and loyalty. As Island Good grows, with more island businesses and events use Island Good branding, so do the benefits for Island Good licensees
  • VIEA members receive a 20% discount on the annual Island Good licensing fee.
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