Identify Locally Sourced Island Products

As Islanders (and guests) make more Island Good choices in their shopping, greater demand leads to increased production as shopping dollars stay on Vancouver Island to support Island growers, producers, processors, manufacturers, retailers and grocers.

The Island Good brand is now available for any Vancouver Island product from potatoes to airplane parts.

Every 1% increase in sales of local products equals 50 jobs.
It’s all good!
Island Good.

Whether your interest is food security, reducing carbon footprint, or a simple desire to have good local products, Island Good is pointing the way.

Island Good is all about making it easy for you to find the local products you want. It’s good for jobs, good for our economy, good for sustainability, good for us all.

Support Local Island Good Producers

Island Good makes it easy for you to find local products. Look for the logo wherever you shop.

Become Island Good

Have your products promoted through the Island Good brand by joining the island good licensee program.

@islandgoodbrand is on Instagram!

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