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Wychbury Ave

1011 Wychbury Avenue

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1011 Wychbury Avenue

About Wychbury Ave:
At Wychbury Ave we strive to provide bath and body products that promote healthy living and encourage sustainable environmental practices. All of our products are palm-free, made in small batches from scratch with fair trade and ethically sourced materials. Recognizing that the essential oil industry has negative effects on our natural resources and excess use of oils is not beneficial to our health, we choose to use essential oils in our soaps that are not from plant species at risk and only in small quantities when appropriate. All of our fragrances are paraben and phthalate-free and used well below standard concentrations to provide lightly scented products that promote joy and well-being. Wychbury Ave donates 25 cents from each bar soap purchase to organizations that support women in need.