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Robertsons Biltong

257 Belleville Street

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257 Belleville Street
V8V 1X1

About Robertsons Biltong:
We make South African Style Biltong Beef Jerky. A High end gourmet jerky that melts in your mouth good! It is unlike any other jerky because it is soft and we keep the fat on so it is more like a prosciutto than a beef jerky. We have some award winning flavours like peri peri, garlic pepper, and salt pepper rosemary. We don't use any sugars or preservatives so it is also a keto friendly snack. It pairs well with cheeses, wines, beers, hiking, camping, hockey, football, pretty much all the good things in life and any occasion. We also don't use any sugars or preservatives which makes it a keto friendly snack as well!