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The Mindful Mouthful

5856 Clements St.

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5856 Clements St.
V9L 3W3

About The Mindful Mouthful:
The Mindful Mouthful is an employee centered, local bakery, specializing in cookies, dessert bars and meat pies. What do a bakery and mindfulness have in common? We believe we must be mindful of the choices we make in life. Sure, you can get your food from impersonal big box stores or international chains that populate every corner of the earth. But doesn’t it make much more sense not only to buy quality, fresh, locally hand-made goods, but to support folks in your community who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to work and earn a wage? Seems like a no-brainer….we prefer to call it a mindful choice! Mindful is a social enterprise of Clements Centre Society, an agency offering supports to adults with diverse abilities.
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The Mindful Mouthful
Street Address: 5856 Clements Street
City: Duncan
Postal Code: V9L 3W3