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Island Soap Co

215 Margolin Drive

Contact Details:

215 Margolin Drive
Saltspring Island
V8K 1C9

About Island Soap Co:
Island Soap Co. is a Canadian line of simple, pure, natural body care basics, handmade by Tamara Wesley. All the ingredients are as pure as her intentions, exciting body care, affordable for all, without any of the “nasties.”   Island Soap Co. was founded in 2006 in a small farm based studio on Salt Spring Island. At that time, bath products were either fun and toxic or healthy and bland. Tamara wanted the “mainstream” bath product experience without all the “bad stuff”. As a wife and mother caring for her family with a range of skin sensitivities, Tamara started reading the labels and researching the ingredients of mass produced bath products. The research was frightening, and she knew she needed to make changes for her family. Inspired by necessity, Tamara began making soap from 100% pure olive oil and Island Soap Co was born - Simple. Pure. Natural.   OUR PHILOSOPHY – Simple. Pure. Natural.   Begin with the simple desire to care for people, create with purity and respect nature -  this is the way of Island Soap Co.   Tamara believes that body care should be more than a sweet-smelling experience, it should nourish your body, calm your mind and feed your soul. The benefits of self care rituals are more than skin deep, they affect the way you feel, live and interact within your community. Your psychological well-being is directly linked to your physical health. Tamara believes that the earth provides more than enough natural ingredients to give you beautiful and healthy skin for life, but it is your duty to maintain what nature provides.   Skin and body care should be a purely joyful experience, free from guilt, cruelty and waste. The Island Soap Co philosophy – Simple, Pure, Natural extends to our care and respect for keeping the earth healthy as well. Our pure ingredients result in biodegradable products that are safe to use in nature. We are also mindful of our packaging, using only glass, paper and metal, we hope you are inspired to reuse the vessels and recycle the paper. So you can shop with the clear conscience that what is nourishing your body to is also safe for our precious environment.   OUR INGREDIENTS   Island Soap Co’s body care basics are crafted from simple, pure, natural ingredients. Every single soap, scrub, salt and potion is hand mixed, hand poured and handmade with love in micro batches so we know exactly what is in every single product. This gives us peace of mind that you are getting the absolutely best quality ingredients without, fillers and chemicals. Island Soap Co products are made for even the most sensitive skin types, because Tamara believes that everyone deserve peace-of-mind when choosing body care basics for their families and themselves.