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Gentle Earth Products Ltd.

120 -2930 Amy Rd.

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120 -2930 Amy Rd.
V9B 0B2

About Gentle Earth Products Ltd.:
Founded in 2006, what started as a soap making hobby quickly became a business, when Thrifty Foods (a local leading-edge grocery chain), listed the company’s bar soap line as their top natural bar soap. Over the years the Island Essentials range of natural, eco-friendly skin care expanded to include deodorants, liquid castile soap, creams, lip balms, essential oils, air fresheners, and hair care. The reach grew quickly across the province with the expansion of the line into many retail stores. Island Essentials is the personal care division of Gentle Earth Products Ltd, the company name is leant to our natural home care range available at www.gentleearth.ca. We manufacture our products in BC, Canada & are located in the city of Langford on Vancouver Island. We take great pride in creating and manufacturing clean and natural products at an affordable cost.