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Island Vegetable Cooperative Association

A-6680 Mirah Road

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A-6680 Mirah Road
V8M 1Z4

About Island Vegetable Cooperative Association:
Island Vegetable Co-Operative Association (IVCA), is a not-for-profit co-operative structured marketing association categorized under Fruits and Vegetables located in Saanichton, BC, Canada. IVCA was established in 1952. IVCA currently represents a growing number of local vegetable and fruit growers on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland of BC. IVCA Is designated as a BCVMC licensed Agency through which beets (tops off), red cabbage, green cabbage, carrots (tops off), onions, parsnips, potatoes, rutabagas, and white turnips are marketed through. IVCA also markets many other products for its growers such as celery, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, green and red leaf lettuce, savoy cabbage, blackberries, strawberries, boysenberries, raspberries, squash, pumpkins, rhubarb, and various other types of produce. IVCA’s vision for the BC vegetable industry is to see it grow and expand to not only begin to provide for the majority of BC’s vegetable consumption but to be able to export to other areas of Canada and the US and make BC growers known as premier suppliers of quality vegetables and fruit.
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Street Address: A - 6680 Mirah Road
City: Saanichton
Postal Code: V8M 1Z4