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House of Forbidden Fruit

PO Box 884 Stn Main

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PO Box 884 Stn Main
V9P 2G9

About House of Forbidden Fruit:
A rapture of blooming flowers, ripe fruits and oozing resins, House of Forbidden Fruit perfumes celebrate the untamed beauty and sensuality of the natural world. Simultaneously rich and indulgent, yet intimate, these natural perfumes wear close to the skin, inviting you to lean closer and breathe deeper. They announce themselves quietly and evolve throughout their wear, blending with your skin to create your own personal scent. I created the House of Forbidden Fruit because I believe true beauty can save the world. Artists and makers are today’s alchemists and visionaries. By honoring traditional methods and materials, the artisan perfumer reveals just how remarkable nature, and indeed the very essence of this world, is. I meticulously hand-blend and bottle each perfume in my small island studio. As an artisan perfumer, my goal is to retrain our overstimulated, desensitized noses so we can appreciate the scent world as nature intended. To discover mother nature’s subtleties and complexities, and feel how nurturing, enrapturing and meaningful that can be.