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Hornby Organic

4-1673 Ryan Road East

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4-1673 Ryan Road East
V9M 4C7

About Hornby Organic:
Hornby Organic is founded on a simple family recipe. Our mission is to make affordable organic food without our planet and customers paying the price. Why? Because that’s what our mom taught us to do. Our story began on the incredible gulf island of Hornby, where life is slow, in the best way. It’s home to a special kind of people who are self-reliant and do things a little differently. We're Canada's first organic energy bar made with certified gluten-free oats! As the primary ingredient in every bar, we have chosen the best quality organic, gluten-free oats available. We know that organic agriculture is better for you and better for our planet. All of our bars are certified organic by Quality Assurance International. All of our products are made in Canada by our family-run company in the Comox Valley in beautiful British Columbia. We're also proud to be able to support other Canadian suppliers!