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Aux Box Inc

1401 Springhill Rd

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1401 Springhill Rd
V9P 2T2

About Aux Box Inc:
aux box solves the need for a little more space. We manufacture optimized structures for you to produce, create, play and relax. Beautiful small buildings, from 97sqft to 240 sqft, placed on your property in just a few hours, ready for you to enjoy. Thoughtfully designed, the aux box is simple, elegant, built to last, and promises to add value. Co-founders Morgan Seeber and Landon Sheck, were sick of the frustrations plaguing the construction industry, and decided to create something beautiful, practical, and fun to build. Focused on minimizing waste, staying on budget with a stunning design, the aux box was born.
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Street Address: 1401 Springhill Rd
City: Parksville
Postal Code: V9P 2T2