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April 2020 AVICC Convention will Serve Island Good Food & Beverage

AVICC (Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities) represents 53 local governments from across Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, Powell River, the Central Coast and the North Coast. Elected officials and other community representatives will be coming together April 17-19 to meet for our annual convention at Nanaimo’s impressive conference centre, supported by our hosts –  the City of Nanaimo and the Regional District of Nanaimo.

AVICC President Carl Jensen expressed the Association’s appreciation for the work VIEA has done in establishing their Island Good program with its range of products sourced from local suppliers.

“It is a priority for AVICC members to support the local businesses that are so important to our communities, and that is why we will be choosing Island Good sourced food and drink to serve at our Convention.” – AVICC President, Carl Jensen

Island Good is the place brand increasing sales and market share for Vancouver Island & Gulf Island products. Created by VIEA in 2018, Island Good achieved an astounding 16.4% sales lift over 6 months in 45 grocery stores. In 2018, VIEA established that henceforth, all food & beverage served at its annual Economic Summit will be Island Good. And now AVICC is following this lead!

Island Good Licenses are now available for anyone making anything from potatoes to airplane parts…