Island Good FAQ

Where can I find Island Good?
Look for the distinctive Island Good logo on products and in stores, or use our searchable database to find Island Good near you.

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What qualifies as Island Good?

To be labelled Island Good, an item must be made, grown, or processed in the Vancouver Island region (Vancouver Island & Gulf Islands). For a business to be Island Good, it must carry or use products made in the Vancouver Island region.

When is the next Island Good event/market?

We’re looking forward to the next series of Island Good markets and events! The best way to stay up-to-date with Island Good is to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media (@islandgoodbrand on all your favourite platforms). You can also check our upcoming events page. We look forward to seeing you soon!

How do I become Island Good?

To become Island Good, simply complete the Island Good licensing application. We will respond by asking you to submit a completed Licensing Agreement that outlines the qualifying parameters. You will receive an invoice for your annual licensing fee (12 months from the date of signature.) We will send you the Island Good graphic files for your promotional use as soon as payment is received.

How much does it cost to become licensed?

To make Island Good as accessible as possible, Island Good licensing works on a sliding scale, depending on the size of your business.

  • Micro/home-based business – Annual licensing fee of $150 CAD + GST
  • Small business (2-50 employees) – Annual licensing fee of $250 CAD + GST
  • Medium business (51-499 employees) – Annual licensing fee of $500 CAD + GST
  • Large business (500+ employees) – Annual licensing fee of $1000 CAD + GST

VIEA members receive a 20% discount off the annual Island Good Licensing fee.

75% of revenues from licensing directly support Island Good initiatives. The other 25% supports VIEA’s administrative fees

Are there benefits to becoming Island Good if my products are carried by retailers who are already licensed?

Absolutely! Island Good is proven effective at point of sale. Becoming Island Good is the only way to guarantee that your products are labelled as Island Good. Licensed retailers may draw attention to your products by pairing them with Island Good signs and shelf-talkers, you can double the impact by adding the island good logo to your own packaging and promotional materials!

Additionally, the Island Good program provides many other opportunities to promote your products and increase consumer awareness and loyalty, including co-operative marketing campaigns, social media exposure, and Island Good events, to name a few.

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Can licensed retailers use Island Good branding on products that are not licensed in their own right?

The simple answer to this is yes! Island Good is proven effective at point of sale. Licensed Island Good retailers have full use of the Island good logos and branding. This includes the ability to identify all island-made products in-store using the Island Good logo (ie. with signs, shelf-talkers, labels, etc.)

Can restaurants/cafes become Island Good?

Yes! There are several ways restaurants can become licensed as Island Good.

  1. If you make and package food for sale (ie. condiments, frozen dumplings, bottled drinks, etc.), you can become licensed as an Island Good producer
  2. If your establishment sells packaged products produced elsewhere in the Vancouver Island region (Vancouver Island & Gulf Islands), you can become licensed as an Island Good retailer
  3. If your menu features items sourced from the Vancouver Island region (ie. island-made beverages, produce, baked goods, condiments), you can also join Island Good!

How do I participate in the next Island Good market or event?

Everyone is welcome to attend our events!

If you’re looking to have your products or business featured, you must first become Island Good.

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Who runs Island Good?

Meet the people behind Island Good

Island Good is trademarked and licensed by the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance, a non-profit, non-government, regional economic development organization serving all of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands with a single mandate to help ensure a vital and sustainable Island economy. In addition to Island Good, VIEA produces an annual Economic Summit, an annual Economic Report, is responsible for Foreign Trade Zone Vancouver Island, and pursues numerous priority initiatives with broad appeal and benefit.

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