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Wayward Distillery

2931 Moray Ave
About Wayward Distillery:
Wayward Distillery is located in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island and was Canada's first craft distillery to make all its spirits from honey. Although we have added some grain to our repertoire, we remain honey-centric with fan favourites that include our Unruly Gin, Krupnik and Drunken Hive Rum! Honey is not only delightful to work with, but it also allows us support our bees! We donate 1% of our liquor sales to Pollinator Partnership Canada which ensures we keep our agricultural lands, forests, and ecosystems healthy and robust. We are committed to bringing you delicious spirits that can be enjoyed on their own or mixed up in your favourite cocktail. We invite you to join us in our pursuit to #BeeUnruly.