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ULAT Dryer Balls

About ULAT Dryer Balls:
ULAT Dryer Balls are the original and only patented wool dryer ball in the world, established in 2011. Known as the Social Enterprise for wool dryer balls, ULAT is a collective ecosystem where everyone involved benefits and prospers. We are a woman lead organization and all our materials are from Canadian sources and we make our items on Vancouver Island we help from team members in the Lower Mainland = we truly are 100% Canadian Company. Our products are for those seeking to reduce waste, decrease energy consumption and embrace a beautiful natural lifestyle with their laundry. As a social enterprise, ULAT Dryer Balls is setting the example of how our simple innovation has propelled circular living and has charged a global movement from the laundry room. ULATโ€™s mission statement = Empowering communities beautifully, one dryers load at a time. Visit our website for an up-to-date listing of retail locations where you can purchase ULAT dryer balls. #HappyLaunderingULATstyle happens here.