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The Sinnamon's Saucy Add-In's

5997 Jaynes Rd

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5997 Jaynes Rd
V9L 3C4

About The Sinnamon's Saucy Add-In's:
The Sinnamon's Saucy Add-in's is a family based business that has created an easier way to add more Organic/local vegetables and spices into our daily diets. Our frozen pureed blend of over 9 different organic/local vegetables and spices was developed to get more minerals and vitamins into my family and others. I developed Saucy Add-in's to ensure my dad, who has terminal cancer, is still getting all the nutrients from his diet. Also my family, who all don't like vegetables unless they are raw. So with playing around with a few different recipes, we have all agreed on two. MOMMA'S MIX and DADDA'S DELIGHT. Both are prepared with love and the knowledge that I can offer so many benefits through food to provide a nutritional daily diet and still able to eat the foods we enjoy.