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Radix Concrete Pumping Ltd.

2089 Millstream Rd., #203

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2089 Millstream Rd., #203
V9B 6H4

About Radix Concrete Pumping Ltd.:
Radix Concrete Pumping Ltd. is a new and local business that provides Concrete Boom Pumping Services for our community. At Radix Concrete Pumping Ltd. (Radix), we use the most modern, versatile and state of the art equipment with industry leading safety features available to efficiently and safely service the local construction Industry. Our " Z-Fold" boom configuration allows for optimum boom placement in applications with limited height restrictions and where there are obstacles to maneuver around for concrete placement. Radix’s 38m pump also use one-side-support (OSS) technology which allows the pump to set up in a reduced footprint ("short rigging") while still reaching the full boom distance in the direction needed. OSS minimizes the obstruction of traffic, time and costs for blocking off the road. In addition to OSS technology, Radix is also an industry leader with air-cuff shutoff installed on all of our pumps. The air-cuff is remotely operated by the pump operator and eliminates the need for kinking and wiring the hose at the tip of the hose whip. This eliminates waste, saves time and improves safety on the jobsite. Our pumps also feature certified clean idle engines.