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Quality Designs Ltd

621 11th Ave

Contact Details:

621 11th Ave
Campbell River
V9W 4G5

About Quality Designs Ltd:
Quality Designs Ltd. (aka Quality Signs) is a locally owned and operated full service sign shop in Campbell River.

Our business produces many custom types of signage, decals, lamacoid and ADA (Braille) all made in house with high quality products to suit many purposes.

The retail area in our sign shop has ready to go, pre-made products including but not limited to:


Site Safety Signage – First Aid, Muster Station, Construction Site, Do Not Enter, Confined Space, Eye Wash Station, Personal Protective Equipment Required, various PPE…

Building Signage – DO NOT ENTER, Security Camera, No Loitering, No Smoking, Smoking Area, NO Parking, Handicap Parking, Wheelchair Access, Washroom Signs, In Case of Fire – Do not use Elevator, Fire Extinguisher…

Logging/Falling Signage – Danger Blasting Area, Blasting Signals, Active Logging, Active Falling, Call for Clearance, Construction Area, Warning Overhead Power Lines…

Road Signage – MOTI Standards Hi-vis reflective STOP Signs, Km/h signs, Slow down Children Playing, Parking Area, NO Parking Round, teluspar and U-line sign posts and concrete bases, Tripod Stands and Metal A-frames.

SEASONAL - decals, signs, direct print acrylic, canvas and other fun stuff!

Summer- Various Vancouver Island, Sasquatch, Iconic “Big Rock” and our summer specialty, laser engraved local driftwood!

Winter - Specialty Christmas ornaments and ideas for Santa and the Grinch in your family.