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Origin Bakery & Cafe

105-3039 Merchant Way

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105-3039 Merchant Way
V9B 0W9

About Origin Bakery & Cafe:
At Origin Bakery, our vision is to provide gluten-free food that tastes better and has healthier ingredients than what is currently available. Instead of searching the frozen section of the supermarket for rice and starch-based breads, we've created a space for the celiac community where they can find fresh foods with fresh ingredients. We use a variety of over 20 gluten-free flour substitutes to replace wheat flour, using different combinations in each of our products. Our diverse range of breads and baked goods do not taste similar because we don't use a master blend of ingredients. Our cupcakes and pastries are delicious and no one will know they are made without gluten. We believe eating gluten-free shouldn't mean sacrificing texture and taste and has now become an enjoyable lifestyle choice to many without giving up the foods they love.