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On a Clearday Farm

3537 Gibbins Rd.

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3537 Gibbins Rd.
V9L 6E7

About On a Clearday Farm:
We are a small farm of 5 acres in the ALR. We have a large garden of vegetables, berries and flowers and expanding. We also raise beef, milk and show dairy goats and about every 2nd year we raise pork, the meat will be sold in the market. This summer due to COVID we started with a farm stand as the commercial licenced kitchen on our property was shut down to the public. The kitchen is totally licensed where I do baking, canning, pickling and anything else I can to sell in the market shed that we put at the end of driveway. We will be expanding this summer by building green houses for winter vegetables in hopes that we will be able to produce vegetables all year long.