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Arbutus Meadows Farm

1515 Island Hwy E

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1515 Island Hwy E
Nanoose Bay

About Arbutus Meadows Farm:
Arbutus Meadows Farm is located on Vancouver Island in beautiful Nanoose Bay. The farm is home to a variety of lavender where numerous products such as lavender soaps, bath products and more are created on site and sold in a workshop on the property. It is also home for many heritage animals to dwell. Scottish Highland Cattle and Miniature Southdown Babydoll Sheep graze the open pastures, piglets roam the protective forests and a variety of birds-peacocks, geese, turkeys, ducks and chickens flock to and fro. The areas’ Mediterranean climate has lent itself well to sustaining beautiful Arbutus trees as well as an abundance of fragrant "Big Time Blue" lavender. Equestrian events have been a staple to the property, hosting a variety of clubs and horse enthusiasts through the years as well as numerous other community and sporting events. Come and visit the farm and take some time to stop and smell the flowers!