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Abuelo's Foods

5908 Bates Rd

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5908 Bates Rd
V9J 1W6

About Abuelo's Foods:
Our Story "Abuelo" means "grandfather" in Spanish. To Alondra (founder & co-owner), her husband Harvey (co-owner), and her two children Charles & Lisa, grandparents are to be treasured; they are the ones who posses wisdom, guidance, and experience, and are deeply connected with their roots and traditions. Alondra & her children were born in Mexico, and even though Harvey, was born in Canada, they all shared a wonderful life together in Mexico, for many years, before moving to Canada. Their time in Mexico has helped them develop a deep love & appreciation for local foods, and has taught them the difference care, as well as real, natural ingredients can make. It is with family honor and Mexican pride that they produce their hand made tortillas, corn chips, and fresh salsas. A couple of years after moving to Vancouver Island, Alondra, decided it was time to take their love for traditional Mexican food, and share it with their new home! Harvey, though skeptical at first, jumped on board and shortly after they took ownership of the "Roadrunner Cafe" (now "Hen & Hog"): This is where they started producing their own traditional hand made corn tortillas, and salsas. Around this time, they also started selling some of them at the local Comox Valley Farmers' Market. The customer feedback was so overwhelmingly positive, they sold "The Road Runner Cafe," and started producing their Mexican products full time. And here they are today!!!
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Street Address: 5908 Bates Road
City: Courtenay
Postal Code: V9J 1W6